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Put an end to employee disengagement; become a strong & purpose-driven team.

“Jim is laser focused on propelling individuals and teams from mere survival to thriving performance.” – B. Jones, City Manager

Jim Uhl Speaking on Employee Disengagement

Engaged Employees

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Prepare Future Leaders

What is Disengagement Costing You and Your Organization?

Far too many teams are unhealthy and disengaged. This costs organizations billions of dollars, but the bigger issue is disengagement leaves leaders and employees feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Even worse, they bring those same negative feelings back home to the ones they love.

What’s the big problem with disengaged employees?

  • They Leave – Taking Their Talent with Them

  • Are Unproductive

  • Negatively Infect Team Morale

  • Only Come To Work For a Paycheck

  • Are Unfulfilled at Work

  • Don’t Show up to Work

  • Hurt Your Bottom Line

  • Lack Focus

  • Make Costly Mistakes

A Problem Worth Solving

“In an age of abundance, why are employees so disengaged?”

By specifically focusing on unique, individual and team strengths, and aiming those strengths toward a shared purpose, we lift the veil on this question.

What is the answer to employee disengagement?

You Need A Guide That Helps Your Team Finally Understand Each Other and Achieve Peak PerformanceIt Changes Everything!

Jim Uhl Consultant
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Clifton Strengths

Jim Uhl, Your Guide

Founder and Chief Engagement Officer

I know how damaging bad leadership is and how transformative strong and healthy leadership can be.

I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, California POST Master Instructor, and a Retired Southern California Police Sergeant who has led people during times of stability and crisis for over 27 years. I’m also an author and have been teaching, training, coaching, and consulting for over 14 years.

The 3 Simple Steps to a High Performing Team

Become the STRONG Leader & Team You Were Always Meant to Be

Schedule an Appointment
We’ll help you choose the service that best fits your leadership and team development needs.

Experience The Training
Based on your needs, we’ll schedule a personalized speaking, training, or coaching experience.

Solve Employee Disengagement
It is costing you more than just your bottom line, and after this training, you’ll be free from it.

“Most keynote presenters read from a PowerPoint, lulling the audience to sleep. Not Jim. He connects with and involves the audience by showing he both understands them and is one of them. Jim knows how to build and lead teams, showing you that leadership is not a solo sport…”

L. St. Claire, Code Compliance Supervisor

We use two proven frameworks that will reengage your team: Organizational Health and Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching.

Framework #1
Organizational Health

Creating team health is your competitive advantage… and it trumps everything else.

Healthy Teams Have…

  • Minimal Politices

  • Clarity of Purpose and Values

  • High Moral

  • High Productivity

  • Low Attrition

And we’ll show you how to create this!

Framework #2
Strengths-Based Leadership Framework

Stop fixating on whats wrong with your people. Focus on what’s right them. Build a team that is healthy, human, and strong.

Jim Uhl Leading a strengths workshop

Why Focus on Strengths?

Because you’re in the business of performance. Strengths-based leadership is not about personality, it’s about performance. It identifies what you do best.

What is Strengths-Based Performance?

A powerful way to describe what people naturally do best. Your Top Five Talents are what primarily drive you. Knowing and using them changes everything.

We show you how to identify and maximize your top talents so you can better lead yourself and your teams

Hover over each talent theme to see which ones best describes you.









Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Clifton Strengths

Discover what a Gallop Certified Strengths Coach Can Do For You

A simple way to describe what each member of your team needs and what they naturally do best.

“…Jim engages and empowers your talents and strengths so you become the very best version of yourself…”

– B. Jones, City Manager

Bring Focus and Full Engagement to Your Team

During Your custom designed Strengths Training Session, your team will learn how they can perform their best, why they prefer certain tasks over others, and how they can excel in your organization.

The antidote to employee disengagement is strengths-based leadership.

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“Our entire team was not fully aligned with a clarity of purpose. This caused us to question the overall value we were offering our clientele. Breaking The Chain Consulting came highly recommended and more than delivered. Our team is now fully energized around a shared common belief. Most importantly, our team is focused on what is most important for our customers.”

T. Flavin, CEO Chamber of Commerce

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose Breaking The Chain Consulting

We have personally seen and experienced some terrible and downright damaging leadership and consulting services. That is exactly why we started this business; to break you free from the chains of all the wasteful training that is out there, which doesn’t work. Breaking The Chain Consulting will restore your faith and make you a believer in the power of leadership training and consulting.

How are these team building & training workshops different?

  • No focusing on failures and weaknesses
  • No boring lectures
  • No war stories
  • No impractical fluff
  • No rah-rah sessions
  • No waste of your time
  • No trust falls

What’s included in our team performance & training workshops?

  • A Strengths-Based approach by a certified Gallup Strengths Coach
  • A practical framework based on creating cohesive, engaged, and high performing teams
  • Clarity, alignment, and health
  • Team health report
  • Team Strengths grid
  • The Playbook: The tangible & meaningful workshop outcome that will forever guide your team)

How long is each service?

  • 3 Day Workshops
  • Full day training workshops
  • Half day training workshops
  • One to two hour keynote presentations

Which service is best for us?

We offer a variety of keynote, training, and workshop options that can be fully customized to meet your leadership and team development needs. Here are some of our top services:

Our most popular Keynote Presentation is Stop Being Nice! A Call for Leaders to Build Teams that are Cohesive, Courageous, and Kind.

We offer a Leadership Academy: 8 four-hour sessions that actually prepare your managers to lead.

When it comes to your team, our top service is the 3-Day Team Building and Organizational Health Workshop. This will forever transform your team.

Our most popular keynote presentation is The ARCH: A Leadership Metaphor about Strengthening Yourself So You Can be a Stone for Others.

Where does the training take place?

You provide the venue and we provide a highly interactive, participative, and engaging learning environment.

What’s needed for the training?

We are a highly professional and self-contained training operation. If you are in the Northeast Florida area, we will bring our own computer, projector, cables, adapters, speaker, easel stands, charts, and writing instruments. If we have to travel farther and/or fly, we can still bring most of these items with us, but might need your help; especially when it comes to making photocopies.

We also like our clients to provide seating arrangements that allow for personal interaction (table groups rather than traditional classroom seating).

Don’t worry, we will work out all of these details well before we arrive and will do everything we can to take the load off of you.

What’s the cost?

This all depends on the service you need, but know this – Studies show most leadership training is ridiculously overpriced and fails. Our services are not only reasonably priced, they actually work, and provide an incredible value that will transform your teams. Schedule an Appointment for a quote.

We’re really down to earth and don’t need a lot of unnecessary frills like first class seating, fancy hotel rooms, and luxury vehicles. Because we focus on your team’s needs instead of our own, we do everything we can to keep travel and lodging costs reasonably low.

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Learn how simple it can be put an end disengagement. Use this practical guide to maximize your leadership performance. Build the strong, healthy, and cohesive team you were always meant to be.

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