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For You And For Those You LEAD!

The world is a dangerous and broken place – full of adversity. It’s not a matter of if you will face a storm, it is simply a matter of when. Great leaders prepare for these storms by building a strong foundation. The Arch shows you how.

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A Leadership Framework

To Prepare You For Life’s Next Big Storm

  • Voussoirs (Stones) – Essential People and things that are properly prioritized in your life

  • Abutments – Healthy, positive, & encouraging people shielding you from distracting external tensions

  • KeystoneThe one essential thing that redistributes life’s pressures and locks everything into place into place.

Who Should Read This Book?

  • Business Leaders

  • Managers & Supervisors

  • Church Leaders

  • First Responders

  • Spouses & Parents

  • Educators

Praise For The Arch

If People Depend On You, You Need To Read This Book —SERIOUSLY!

“This book incorporates principles of psychology, physiology, and spirituality that provide the reader with a framework for positively influencing and guiding others. It is a must-read!

Dr. Gina Gallivan, Ph.D., ABPP Board Certified in Police & Public Safety Psychology

Different Than Other Leadership Books

“The Arch is superb, meaningful, and inspiring. In a readable and inclusive style, learn how to lead (travel) with integrity, purpose, and compassion. Jim’s humility and vulnerability fills the reader with understanding.

Dr. Susan Oliviera, Counselor & Educator

Storms Overcome

“I was supervising the homicide of a two-year old boy. The stress on our team was overwhelming. I referred to the arch framework several times and benefited greatly from this timely read.”

J. Arnold, CA. Police Lieutenant

Perspectives & Lives Changed

The section on fear positively impacted my life as a leader. Fear is not something you conquer, but something you learn to identify and remove from your leadership whenever it flairs up. This section on fear was something I needed!

Gary Keith, Lead Pastor

The Arch challenges the reader to focus on aspects of leadership that are much needed in today’s world and often under-appreciated. These include the virtues of humility, grace, mercy, vulnerability, and integrity.”

Kevin Paletta, Police Chief (ret.)

“The Arch has influenced me to create stronger emotional bridges with everyone.”

Jason Herring, Educator

“Nothing short of extraordinary! Uhl masterfully blends personal, professional, and spiritual leadership into something uncannily powerful. He teaches the reader how to persevere through tragedy and triumph. A riveting read for anyone seeking authentic leadership in all aspects of life.”

John Saavedra, Sr. Human Resources Executive

About The Author

Leadership is challenging. Why go at it alone?

Jim Uhl helps leaders and teams overcome workplace disengagement & unhealthiness.

He’s a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, California POST Master Instructor, Southern California Police Sergeant, and Author, who has been leading people during times of crisis and during times of stability.

For over a decade, Jim has had the honor of teaching, training, coaching, and providing consulting services that build strong, healthy, and purpose-driven teams.

The Arch is his gift to every leader – a powerful and practical resource to help strengthen and guide every person who is serious about their leadership journey.


A Framework For Leadership And Life

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