We’re about helping you Break the Chains that are holding you and your team back.

Bringing teams together by focusing on the strengths of each individual.

Jim Uhl Giving a Book to Someone
Jim Uhl At Code Enforcement Conference

I Believe Your Organization Can Thrive

I love helping teams learn about their strengths. Seeing the hope that surges through each team member as we unlock more and more truths about their productivity and performance gives me so much joy.

It’s easy for me to believe in what I do because I’ve seen leaders and teams transformed before my eyes. Building a stronger team is possible, the results are incredible, and It’s my pleasure to be a part of the process.

Here’s to building a stronger team together. – Jim Uhl

Our Purpose is to Help you Put an End to Employee Disengagement

Creating team health is your competitive advantage… and it trumps everything else.

Breaking the Chain Consulting

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Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
California Post Master Instructor

My Top Five Strengths


“Jim uses his experiences, scientific research, and real-time-data to help you break the chains of an unhealthy organizational culture. He provides eye-opening strategies that can be used right away—at work and at home.”

J. Hendrix, Podcast Host & Parks/Recreation/Athletics Supervisor

Bring Focus and Full Engagement to Your Team

Strengths Based Leadership and Team Consulting to Help Your Organization grow and flourish.